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Project of the Month*

Higgins Boat Lift

Crane: Two (2) Link Belt 8675 II
Weight: Each crane held approximately 37,000 lbs
Radius: 29'
Description: A rail car needed to be lifted onto a trailer for transportation to its new home. The lift happened in four installments. The tank was moved to a ground location. Then, the rail wheels. The cranes reset their position, lifted the rail wheels from the ground to the trailer, and lifted the tank onto the rail wheels.

Hanging spouts from the distributor

Customer: EBM Construction
Crane used: Link-Belt RTC 8050
Load: Product Spouts
Weight: 200-500 lbs each
Radius: 60'
Rigging: 1 – 3/8” steel cable chocker

Height: 120"

Project Overview: Hang spouts from distributor to product bins

Notes: This was just a small part in building this feed mill addition

Replacing rooftop unit

Customer: Rasmussen Mechanical
Crane used: Link-Belt HTC 8675
Load: Rooftop a/c unit
Weight: 800 lbs
Radius: 116'
Rigging: 4 - 2" x 10' nylon straps

Project Overview: Replace rooftop unit on school.

Notes: This lift was achieved by lifting from the main boom at a very low angle. This allowed us to save time by not having to swing the jib out.

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Photo Gallery

Lifting a transformer Two cranes lifting a propane tank Power line set-up Catwalk placement Big Bang Boom set-up Setting a pedestrian bridge Lifting steal beams Cell phone tower setup Veterans Memorial setup Milk Specialties tank placement HVAC unit setup Love's gas tank placement Church concrete frame placement Love's gas tank placement HVAC being placed from a long distance Working in downtown, Norfolk New HVAC unit being placed Setting a new wind tower blade Setting a new scale foundation Heading out for scrap iron Setting concrete foundation for a house Loading compost windrow turner onto trailer Loading manure spreader Hanging spouts from a distributor Replacing rooftop HVAC unit Mandatory maintenance Press lift Placing fans Removing condenser from Skyline Apartments Flipping plane to upright position Steeple removal and relocation Propane relocation Semi loses load Wind turbine blade replacement Higgins Boat Memorial Maintenance Setting a power station Setting a Power Station Setting a flag pole

*The “Project of the Month” is intended to showcase the working capabilities of Pro Crane Services only. Any reference to entities aside from Pro Crane Services are made for illustrative purposes only. No endorsement of work, affiliation with, or relationship to, other than ‘customer’ and ‘service provider’ should be inferred.
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