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Ground Conditions – Site Access

As we move past fall into winter here in the Midwest many changes become apparent. The leaves begin to fall, crop fields become empty again, and the weather continues to slide into the deep freeze. As always, these changes push us closer to the end of another building season. That is not to say that we, as Midwesterners, won’t brave winter’s fury when needed…but let’s be honest, all of us would prefer to be inside during the winter months.

As these changes occur, there is one key factor to keep in mind when seeking assistance from your favorite crane provider and that is the ground condition’s recovery time. As the temperatures cool, ground conditions do not recover from precipitation as quickly as they would in late spring or summer. An inch of rain in the morning on a warm, sunny day in July may make a mess of the job site, but will likely be passable by the end of the day. However, an inch of rain in the morning on a cool, crisp day in October may take days to dry out.

To ensure safety and efficiency, cranes need to move effortlessly and navigate the job site under their own power. Let’s face it, preparations are needed even on the best of days, but as ground recovery time slows, foresight and planning are needed to achieve optimal site access. When planned properly, your company has bettered the chance we have to setup where and when you need us. A higher percentage of site access can be achieved through a variety of different means, for example: elevating or grading to ensure proper drainage, or adding aggregate to build up a solid base.

We at Pro Crane know that resources and project budgets are tight, but when considering the possibility of an hourly rate crane stuck on your job site due to a lack of preparation, the project budget looks even tighter. Also, you may want to ask yourself, do I have equipment capable of pulling a crane out if needed? Unfortunately, this very scenario has happened and we can tell you, it gets extremely expensive and awfully dangerous, very fast. Our 30 and 45 ton cranes weigh around 60,000lbs each. Our 70 crane ton, with full counterweight, is just over 95,000lbs. And, our 140 ton crane, with full counterweight, weighs in at over 178,000lbs. Extending your budget to include grading and rocking is definitely the safer and cheaper option when considering the alternative.

Needless to say, cranes are heavy and we at Pro Crane are ever cautious when it comes to the environments in which they are used. If you find yourself questioning your site access conditions, the best place to start would be to call 1-866-776-2726 or email to discuss the best way to mitigate any issues that may be present. We at Pro Crane, are available for a job site walk through which allows us to fully understand the present site conditions.

When considering using heavy equipment in the winter months, your job site will be safer and more productive when proper access is installed and maintained from beginning to the completion of a project.

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