Pro Crane Removes Gas Tanks for Matheson Gas

What looked like a dreary, cloudy morning was quite the eventful start of Pro Crane’s day. The Pro Crane team took on the project of assisting Matheson Gas in removing some gas tanks in downtown Norfolk, NE. There were a couple of tanks that needed to be removed and placed on semi trucks. The tanks consisted of some larger heavier tanks and some smaller tanks. For the larger tanks, Pro Crane utilized both their boom truck, National NBT (45 TON), and their hydraulic crane, Link Belt 8675 Series II (75 TON). For the lighter smaller tanks the hydraulic crane was utilized. In order to remove the tanks, the Pro Crane crew first needed to secure and fasten the tanks. One of Pro Crane’s crew members was securely hoisted and lifted into position above the tanks in order to attach the crane’s straps to the tanks. Once they were secured, the cranes lifted these and set them in place on Matheson’s semi trucks. The project was fairly quick as both the Matheson and Pro Crane crew worked together to get the job done!