Winter Weather Calls For Extra Equipment Precautions

When winter sets in, heavy equipment can take a beating.  Appropriate precautions need to be taken; otherwise, crane equipment like ours may succumb to the elements. Have no fear. We account for the weather and act accordingly.

It all boils down to pre-trip inspections:

Coolant and Oil Levels

The ratio of coolant level to temperature is crucial. Too little coolant can cause the engine to overheat. If the coolant is inaccurately mixed, it could freeze.

Tire Pressure

Cold temperatures cause tire air pressure to decrease. For every 10º drop in temperature, roughly one psi (pounds per square inch) is lost. This can cause abnormal wear and decreased traction on tire tread, thus increasing chances of a blowout.


A battery can show signs of a weak charge as the temperature drops. Battery fluids thicken, leading to a no-crank condition.


Turn signals or brake lights that do not function properly can cause an accident. Wiring can become hard and brittle as it reaches freezing temperatures. Broken wires and depleted bulbs are common and easy to resolve.

As the season wears on, these and other items are kept in mind here at Pro Crane. We rarely fall victim to breakdowns. Staying on top of inspections is the reason why.